Get Started

Having become a new Appiyo member, getting started is easy. Let us walk you through a simple process app creation.

Let us take Talcum Cosmetics as an example, to showcase how Appiyo tracks ‘Talcum Cosmetics’ facebook page post

I have been desperately looking for 5 ML vials of Sashe Lipstics- Travel kit in Richmond Road outlet of Talcum Cosmetics. I must have visited the place at least five times in last three months. Can anybody help me with it?
We are extremely sorry for this.Give us some time to find out from our distributor and help you with your choice shortly...
Hi, we are pleased to give you a new travel-kit of 5 ML vials of Sashe Lipstics. We also offer you a 10% discount in all items you buy from us for next one year! When you visit our outlet in your area please meet our manager and give your details to collect your discount coupon
Customer Reviewer Stockist Notification Acknowledge Post Assign to look into the problem Reply to Post

Create Process Repository

Create a ‘place holder’ for your next set of actions before you execute them. For this you navigate to ‘Process’.

Choosing ‘Create a Repo’ will open up new window Process Name can be “Yourname with process” for example, ‘John Doe Process Repository’ Description can be something like ‘This Process Repository contains processes of Business Services’ Type can be 'public' or 'private' or
'restricted'.Others need your permission
to join the process
Category may be “Business Services” ‘Invite’ your friends to join your repository

Connect & Authorize Datasources (for example: facebook)

Datasources helps you to connect to facebook (we assume Talcum Cosmetics already has a facebook page).

Datasource name as an example, can be “Talcum Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd.” Datasource type should be “Facebook” Opens Facebook login page. Login with your credentials to authorize Appiyo

Create Module

Open ‘John Doe Process Repository’ under ‘Process’ and go to ‘Modules’.

Module name as an example, can be ‘Facebook Track-M01’ Description can be something like – ‘A Module for integrating Workflow with Facebook’ The newly created module “Facebook Track-M01” will be listed under “List Of Modules” Choosing ‘Create Module’ will open up new window

Create Workflow

Move on to ‘Modules’ under ‘John Doe Process Repository’

You have two options to select. Draw your own workflow under “empty workflow”. Ready-to-use templates are available under “use template”. Name can be “YourProcessInstanceName”. For example “FacebookTrack-M01-WF01”. Description can be something like – “A Workflow for reading posts from Facebook and writing back on to Facebook”. Opens a work area, where you define how you want to respond to posts on ‘Talcum Cosmetics’ facebook page. Draw your wokflow using required nodes Example workflow drawn for “Talcum Cosmetics Facebook Tracking”

Define Data

Define data ‘Variables’ to use in your Workflow and Form

Define User Interface

In this Facebook example two Forms will be needed. One for reviewing post using ‘Reviewer Form’ and other to act on the task using ‘Assignee Form’. To create forms, you navigate to ‘FacebookTrack M01-WF01’ workflow, under module ‘FacebookTrack-M01’ or you can also create form inside workflow. Click on “New Form”.

Form name as an example,can be “Reviewer Form” Brief desciption about the Form Select the Process to use the Form.Example: ‘Fb page of Talcum Cosmetics’ Map data and their type to be used in the ‘Form’ Map defined data inside form Here is the created Form

Deploy and Execute

Go to ‘Options’ to deploy and execute.

‘Deploy’ makes your app ready to use. If there are no errors you will get success message. When the workflow begins, it reads posts and notifies person concerned Choose your process and user interface, for example: ‘Fb page of Talcum Cosmetics’ and ‘Reviewer form’

Experience it

Customer writes a post on Talcum Cosmetics fb page Reviewer will see notification in his task list Before actually acting on any task the reviewer has to first take it up for work Having taken up the task, the reviewer reviews the post, assigns task and sends acknowledgement to the customer Reviewer’s acknowledgement Customer Stockist Stockist reply Task assigned
to Stockist