Created Apps/Solutions are readily mobile and Cloud enabled
Available 24x7
Effort to build Apps is greatly reduced
Simple to use in a self-serve way
Internet Scale
Zero Installation
Access Appiyo using Mobile
Enables Collaboration with Others
Monetize Your Processes
Uncomplicated & Affordable Pricing
Scale with need using Appiyo Containers
Co-opt from Appiyo ProcessStore
Private, Secure & Highly available

Five Motivations drive our vision for Appiyo

Making big data actionable
Collective intellect of crowd on cloud & rising entrepreneurial aspirations of youth
Demise of complex licensed software
of Things

As quoted by a notable business advisory firm, “Over the long term, it is going to be the emergence of Web 3.0 – often referred to as “semantic web” – a term which denotes functions and activities involving the integration of machines, the web and also the human beings”.

While economic and business environments continue to bring extensive changes and new challenges, companies are on the lookout for ways to improve their profit margins, efficiency and also productivity. Cloud computing, mobile computing and smart devices represent major forces impacting Business Process Management (BPM) markets. The opportunity to implement apps will automate processes more responsive to the needs of the organization.

It has become necessary to accept socialization and collaboration, not just as point solutions, but rather as functions which encompass a much wider range of functionalities that can be incorporated into many enterprise applications.

A well-architected business app store will replace the archaic service catalogues of the past. It would pave way for the best apps available, monitor their usage, manage fees, and help the management predict further app requirements enterprise applications.

BPM also serves as the beginning before and continuation after big data analytics. Bringing structured data and unstructured data from myriad systems as an input to big data analytics is the precedent role of BPM. The outcome of big data analytics leading to consequential actions passes the handle back to BPM. Making big data actionable is the real value of BPM.

Professionals in the industry as well as analysts are of the view that individual prominence is on the rise. Entrepreneurial aspirations are rapidly on the rise. They foresee the democratization of labour on the cloud giving rise to new competition which will disrupt existing business models and challenge conventions around business class apps. The appetite for complex licensed packaged software is gone. The era of simple and nimble apps has begun.

It is in the above emerging contexts that platforms like Appiyo can enable the emergence of the power of individuals who develop business class solutions for various needs and context. Equally important, is the possibility of enabling actionable big data which Appiyo like platforms can bring about, adding real value to enterprises. Appiyo is a low adoption barrier technology. It is uniquely positioned to bring about not only the creation of solutions (apps) by leveraging the collective intellect of the crowd on cloud but also, their consumption within the same environment. Over time it is expected that Appiyo like platforms will truly bring ‘consumerization’ of business class apps.

Simple and Nimble

As rightfully stated by a market leader “I think the competition is going to emerge from completely unlikely quarters in the digital world. People are not going to build large applications; people are going to build small apps. People are not going to build apps with the CIO; they are going to build with the business. People are not going to buy; they are going to consume”.

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Collective Intelligence on the Net

According to a leading management advisory firm, the power of the individual will grow and new competitors will emerge, disrupting industries and creating new business models.

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