Planning to manage multiple devices in the emerging 'Internet of Things' space? You will need enormous scale and ease of configuring action flows. Consider Appiyo as your workflow switch.

There is something of interest, news about which you want to track. The catch is you want to track it from multiple sources. Manual tracking gets complicated very quickly. Put up workflows in Appiyo to make this less burdensome. May be useful for analysts, doctors, etc. Another use case could be insightful marketing.

Do you want a secure private social for improving collaboration?
E-mail is passé. Sign up in Appiyo.

Make Big Data insights actionable using Appiyo. Speed is the name of the game. Otherwise, big data is useless. Offer your customers insight implementation along with your big data analysis.

Train yourself with ‘executable BPMs’ not just ‘models’. Appiyo on cloud is just what you will want.

Dirty data impedes quality of big data analysis. Feed clean data into big data servers using Appiyo. Push your insight recommendations into higher confidence intervals in the Bell Curve.

Want to track fb posts? Set it up in Appiyo to automatically track. Want to also act on the posts? Set up workflows to trigger your actions. This can be very useful to manage brands, issues and much more. Appiyo can be your custom ‘social media watchdog’, 24x7.

You are a student, entrepreneur, consultant looking to build useful products or solutions. You want a simple platform which is readily usable without much complications. Try Appiyo.

You want simple applications to fulfill your need. You do not want the hassles of dealing with IT vendors, bloated products, complicated technology and complex prices. You can help yourself with Appiyo. Start-ups, small companies, white space solution seekers can fulfill their minimal needs with Appiyo.

Are you planning a campaign or a product launch program? Do you want to execute your program efficiently, distribute tasks and be informed? Quickly set up specific workflows using Appiyo.

Do you have an agenda to drive speed and efficiency in your field service? Implement your use case with Appiyo.

Are you burdened with a painful routine of collecting and collating data generated by decentralized operations distributed across locations? Set it up once in Appiyo. And, free up your time for something more important.

Are you a provider of security related surveillance solutions? Do you customize ‘what to do when this happens’ for every customer? Use Appiyo to drastically reduce your customization efforts. And to speed up intervention & escalation in security related exceptions.