Get Started

Having become a new Appiyo member, getting started is easy. Let us show you four steps to create ‘Group’.

Form Groups, start discussion on topics. Express your likes and dislikes. Invite more people, send message. Get notified. Generate ideas. Upload, link, share and attach – files, documents, presentations, images and videos.

Create your profile

It lets others know something about your persona. For this, you will need to go to 'Edit Profile'.

Go to My Profile under ‘John Doe’. Click ‘Edit Profile’ and a page will open up for you.Fill up the information. We would like to assure you right here, that your profile information is secure and private and they will not be used for any marketing purpose. For photos,please upload a nice photo of yourself from ‘’. All you have to do is to provide the gravatar link in this ‘profile photo’ field. This will put a ‘Face to your Name’!

Create an account in Upload one of your presentable photographs here. This will be used as your profile photo in Appiyo.

Create Social Group

For this you navigate to ‘Groups’ in the ‘Menu’ items.

Choose 'Create a Group' button available at the top of the page. A new window will open.
Group Name can be "Yourname firstGroup". For example, 'John Doe Entertainment Club'
Description can be something like "This entertainment group is created by John Doe"
Scope can be “zone” (groups can be viewed only by Zone users) or “appiyo” (groups can be viewed by all Appiyo members).
Type can be 'public' (Appiyo members can join themselves) or 'private'(requires owner's permission) or 'restricted'(only owners can invite)
Group Type can be “Social Group”
Category may be "Sports, Leisure & Travel"

Send Invite

Invite people you know, to your newly created group. But, for this they have to be Appiyo members. So, encourage them to become Appiyo members. Invite them.

Click on icon next to your name in the right corner of the top menu bar and you will know what to do Click on 'Invite' button to request your friends to subscribe
"John Doe Entertainment Club" Group

Start Discussion

After your Appiyo member friends have joined your newly created group, you can start a discussion on a topic of your choice to ‘roll the ball’. From here, you are ready to sail! Enjoy your Appiyo experience.