You want a secure and private medium to form purposeful professional workgroups. Or, you want to form private social groups to share ideas and tasks securely among a closed group of people. You desire an alternative to public social medium. You may want to explore Appiyo. You can choose to have restricted groups and discussions. Group members can also exercise an option to reply privately which assures discretion in matters of sensitivity. Further more, you can be instantly notified on your mobile and you could respond from your mobile, too.

Oftentimes we have a great business idea requiring software to support. It may just be a need for a simple software solution that fulfills a specific and immediate requirement of our own or of the market. But we get flummoxed by the barriers of technology, cost, learning and people, required for software solution creation and deployment. Appiyo’s process based computing uses much simplified BPMN. It offers a compelling proposition to help you realize your ideas, relatively much faster and more economically.

Simply put, ‘events’ are happenings. Simple examples are a complaint posted in a tweet, a device sensor sending out data, a price reduction announced by a competitor, etc. If a great many events from different and diverse sources will have to be sensed and acted upon by automatic or manual actions, along with event specific discussions and distribution of tasks among people, a workflow based internet scale computing platform becomes necessary to handle this speedily and effectively. Manually sensing and acting on ever increasing number of events is nearly impossible. Appiyo can help you set up such solutions – ranging from simple to the complex.

Work (Tasks) can be a limiting factor in mobility. If work tasks can be delivered to mobile devices in much the same way as information is, then we can ‘work on the go’. While the concept is well accepted in field service and sales, it sure would be applicable in many other professions and areas. Recognizing that mobility is transforming from ‘want’ to ‘need’, we have made Appiyo suitable to build workflows which serve tasks and information on mobility devices. And, if a task fulfillment necessitates the use of a form (for example, data entry), the form comes attached with the task and suitable for the mobile. Appiyo can be downloaded from Google playstore.

Download Appiyo on your mobile & experience enhanced mobility

Actionable big data is talked about in the context of making big data analysis useful by stressing on quick and repeatable actions which implement the insights derived from big data analytics. By integrating outputs from big data analysis with relevant Appiyo workflows which handle speedy implementation of actions, much more value can accrue to the firm. More still, since this computing is available within an architecturally integrated private social canvas, conversations can be tagged to actions and this, in turn, can become another source of big data input aiding finer intelligence. Reference (Master) data clean-up/synchronization is another useful way to think of Appiyo in the big data context.