Realize with Appiyo

Create solutions/apps for your target customer base/market
Create solutions/apps for emerging IoT (Internet of Things)
Create solutions/apps for your own consumption
Develop your BPM competency
Create processes and apps to showcase your talent
Offer training and consultancy services for BPM and BPM based apps
Form private social groups for secure collaboration
Create solutions/apps for actionable big data

Appiyo is easy-to-use internet scale platform on cloud and mobile. It combines BPM and social to enable the creation of executable processes which come with ready-made social, mobile and cloud enablement. There is little or no code. Scripts can be used to handle processing logic for data, where necessary. Published REST APIs and web services can be readily discovered, introspected and consumed. Progressively, Appiyo library will make available a wide variety of adapters which will make it easy to co-opt legacy data stores. Appiyo has Seven technology patents (applied for).


Every Appiyo member will be a life time free member of community zone. Here members can get to experience Appiyo. Members can opt for commercial zones when they are ready to do business using Appiyo.Whether ‘community’ or ‘commercial’, a zone is exclusive for members within it, offering privacy and first level of security.


A Container is an exclusive fixed computing resource inside a zone. More containers can be added or, an existing container can be enlarged, depending on need.


Every container has a double for fail-over. Containers and their doubles provide additional layer of security and fault tolerance. Any failure will be localized to that container.


Benefit from the collective intellect and reformative ideas of a Group. Invite others to your zone. Form interest groups. Discuss to create simple and nimble business class solutions relevant to needs.

Process palette

Use Process palette to easily describe executable processes. The palette will guide you. Process engine understands and executes them as they are.

User Interface

Create your own User Interface (UI). Drag, Drop and Arrange using Appiyo UI builder. UI is necessary for tasks in your process which require manual input. You can also easily create UI for use in smart phones and tablets.


Showcase and monetize your processes and solutions in Appiyo ProcessStore (under development).